MOIRE RESORT まだ見ぬリゾートを。

Company Information

Corporate Philosophy

In order to achieve our corporate philosophy we have
the Moire Resort three basic concepts

[ 1 ]

Let’s “Dream”

Dream, having a dream that we can continuously chase.
From this concept the corporate and the individuals can grow.
By continuously challenging our dreams will build each other’s confidence that will lay and reveal the path of our future.
[ 2 ]

Let’s work with the spirit of “Because of you”.

We are kept alive by nature, alive by people.
This is why our days are continuing.
As much as we care for our friends and family,
we care for our customers and our regions.
Having the spirit of gratitude “Because of you” is the basis of hospitality.
[ 3 ]

Nurturing the spirit of regeneration “Tokowaka”.

Keeping a traditional mind while embracing changes.
Cherishing the two will continue to create a new and relaxing place.

The aspiration behind the corporate logo.
About the corporate logo.

The founder's family crest is “three lines in a circle”
which was used to create the “ripples” image of Moire.
The three rings represent ripples that embrace the philosophy of regeneration
that continuously grow while flowing.